Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 5 Analysis

I actually got to watch some EPL this weekend!! What a crazy weekend for some teams, and so much disappointment for others.

QPR 2:2 Stoke City
They just gotta do this to me, don't they? Like I said last week, 2-2 scores are the worst. Diouf (the savior of Stoke against Man City) scored, as well as Peter Crouch with a long distance strike. QPR were able to save the day thanks to a free kick goal by Kranjcar in the 88th minute. 

Swansea City 0:1 Southampton
You've gotta be kidding me. My opinion on Southampton at the beginning of the season has been greatly deteriorated, and is currently one of my two biggest flops in soccer analysis (the other being my World Cup 2014 bracket... but I mean how many people had correct brackets?) Southampton is currently second in the EPL, right behind Chelsea. Next week will be interesting, as Southampton play QPR. Hopefully they can get a 5-0 result against the weak QPR team like Tottenham and Man U did. 

Aston Villa 0:3 Arsenal
This is probably the best result of the weekend. Arsenal were able to break the strong Aston Villa defense/GK that gained tons of points in the first few weeks. The reason Arsenal were able to break through so well? Danny Welbeck. He scored and assisted in this game, making it his breakout game for Arsenal. I hope he continues to do well in the upcoming weeks (and not just because he's on my FPL team...)

Burnley 0:0 Sunderland
Boring teams, boring score. Next.

Newcastle 2:2 Hull City 
Okay, this 2-2 tie was actually not as bad as others that I am forced to write about week after week. Hull City went up 2-0 in the second half (with all goals coming in the second half) only to be destroyed in the last half hour by Newcastle's Cisse, who brought his team back to tie 2-2.

West Ham 3:1 Liverpool
Terrible game by Liverpool defense. They allowed 2 goals in the first seven minutes, and this set the tempo for the rest of the game. This was obviously West Ham's plan, as they came off the whistle in a full out attack. They then proceeded to defend and park the bus for the rest of the game, which allowed them to win. Liverpool has some good talent in the defense, it just needs to come together more in the upcoming weeks. Also, signing Joe Hart is the winter transfer market would be a great plus. 

Leicester City 5:3 Manchester United
This is just a complete embarrassment for Manchester United. They were up 2-0 and then proceeded to give up 5 (FIVE) goals to LEICESTER CITY. The Man U defense was destroyed by the attack of Leicester City, giving up the ball many times and in the wrong places. Just embarrassing. Good game for Leicester, though!

Tottenham 0:1 West Brom
Tottenham are continuing to slide down a terrible slope with horrible results. They lost at home... to West Brom. They had 7 shots, with 1 on goal. Strikers and midfielders are obviously a problem here, and hopefully they can fix this during the winter transfer market.

Man City 1:1 Chelsea 
People were claiming that this was such a great game, when in reality it wasn't. Sure, seeing Frank Lampard score on his old team, Chelsea, to help Manchester City tie the game up was awesome, and seeing the look on Jose Mourinho's face after the goal was even more awesome. I hate watching Chelsea play top teams because of the tactics Mourinho uses to get results. He "parks the bus" with his team, which is like double tapping the D-pad to the left on an Xbox controller in the middle of a FIFA game (which puts the team into Ultra Defensive mode). This makes the game boring to watch, as all 11 players are behind the ball to try to defend the goal. This is how they won against Liverpool last year, and I just hate the tactic. Eden Hazard had a good assist in this game, but I still don't believe he is a top player in the world. 

Everton 2:3 Crystal Palace
So apparently last weeks 2-0 win for Everton was a fluke or something, because this score is just strange. The defense needs strengthening, and Leighton Baines needs to take more of a leadership role. Allowing 3 goals to Crystal Palace is just strange. Next week will be an interesting game for Everton in the Merseyside Derby against Liverpool (where Daniel Sturridge may come back for Liverpool, yay!)

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