Tuesday, September 16, 2014

EPL Week 4 Score and Analysis

Alright, I'll admit it. I watched 0 (zero) minutes of EPL soccer this weekend. I'm sorry to the soccer world for my absence, and this will not happen again (but hey my FPL team did decent). I'll base the analysis below on what I have read and highlights I have seen from the games.

Arsenal 2:2 Man City
These 2 teams met in the FA Cup the week before EPL actually started, with a much different score line. Arsenal destroyed the Man City team 3-0. This score is very strange and hard to break down. Both of these teams did not make HUGE waves in the transfer window (well Man City technically wasn't allowed to sign anyone anyway...). I think this will definitely affect Man City down the road, because they haven't been able to add to their league winning team from last season. Heck, they even had to get rid of Negredo because of the sanctions put on them. On the Arsenal side, I'm not sure. Welbeck needs to start scoring here soon with the absence of Olivier Giroud.

Stoke City 0:1 Leicester
This was Leicester's first win in the EPL since being promoted, which is understandable because of the rough schedule they had right out of the gates with Everton, Chelsea, and Arsenal. This should be an upsetting loss for Stoke as they just came off a HUGE win vs. Man City.

Chelsea 4:2 Swansea City
Swansea struck early, but they were unable to hold onto their lead. A hat trick by Diego Costa (ugh) was more than enough for Chelsea to top Swansea. I think the trick is just for the media to keep saying that Costa is "hurt" before games so that he keeps performing like he is. This game also made me angry because Loic Remy actually got to see the field.... AND HE SCORED. So much for selling him from my FPL team last week....

Southampton 4:0 Newcastle 
Southampton just keeps on proving me wrong week after week. Four goals?! That's just insane. I guess I (and almost every other soccer analyst) overlooked the depth and/or purchases that Southampton made in the offseason. 2 goals by Graziano Pelle, a summer signing, brought Southampton the lead in the first twenty minutes. Goals in the second half came from Jack Cork and the in-form Morgan Schneiderlin.

Sunderland 2:2 Tottenham
Alright what's going on here... Ever since destroying QPR in week 2, Tottenham has quickly been sliding downhill. A 3-0 loss at home to Liverpool in week 3 now THIS? Sunderland? I believe Tottenham are in need of some DeAndre Yedlin. (USA, USA, USA)

Crystal Palace 0:0 Burnley

West Brom 0:2 Everton 
Finally, a decent defensive outing by Everton. They've proved the past few games that they had scoring abilities through players such as Naismith and McGeady, but the defense has not performed at the level it was last season. Good to see Lukaku score, but his time on my FPL team has sadly come to an end.

Liverpool 0:1 Aston Villa
Come on you Reds, are you kidding me? Honestly (not coming up with excuses as a Liverpool fan) I believe that the international break was really killer for Liverpool. Sterling started on the bench, probably because he needed a break after a long week away with England, and Sturridge was out with an injury. And he will be the next few weeks as well. All credit to Aston Villa though, who keep getting positive results on the road and at home. Shout out to USMNT-er Brad Guzan with the shutout.

Man United 4:0 QPR
This is the game Van Gaal needed to deliver to Man United fans. It was only a matter of time before the fans turned, but this will hold them back for a little while. I would be a little scared of this score if a currently out of form Tottenham hadn't gotten the same score against the weak QPR team a few weeks ago. The next few weeks should be great confidence boosters for this brand new Man U team, and it will definitely be an exciting story to watch.

Hull City 2:2 West Ham
I really don't know what to say for 2-2 ties... Kind of hard to write about. Both defenses were obviously not on point, and both offenses were obviously pretty decent. Sorry don't have much to say on this one.

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