Friday, September 5, 2014

Futbolicy on FIFA (the game)

I was introduced to FIFA by my friend Marcos about 2 years ago. I was never ready to make the commitment to actually buy the game for myself so he would always let me borrow his older copies whenever he got the new one for Christmas. When FIFA 14 came out last September, I was determined to get a copy. I was tired of having non-updated teams and outdated players. Once I acquired a copy of the game, I was hooked. While playing, I did not know I was actually learning more about soccer than ever before. When I was actually playing soccer, I was so focused on learning my position (left mid) than those of the teammates around me. Of course, I knew that this player would be here for me to pass to or another player would be there looking for me to pass to, but I really didn't understand the actual game of soccer. Through FIFA I was able to learn formations, tactics, and other positions. After much playing, I realized that I talked to myself, yelled at the TV, and yelled at players in the game as if they were real. This may make it sound like I'm crazy, or got way too into the game, but what I was really doing was analyzing the game. By talking to myself, I was able to slow the game down and make smarter passes and take better shots. After yelling at the TV, I would make formation changes that would give me a more attacking offense or more conservative midfield. And by yelling at players and realizing they were either too tired to play or just not fast enough to keep up with the other team, I would switch them out with a player on the bench. By doing these three things, I have become both a better FIFA player and soccer analyzer.

How have you become a better "soccer analyzer" you ask? All three of these skills can be used while watching a game, waiting to get into a game from the bench, or coaching a real game. If you ever get the chance to watch a soccer game with me (go ahead and put that on your bucket list) you'll realize that I am constantly pointing at the screen as if the players can see me and know where I'm pointing. Usually, I'm pointing at where the open pass is or where holes are in our defense. Real games are basically just more intense FIFA games, and having a good understanding of FIFA and tactics definitely makes watching soccer way more fun.

I'm out, my FIFA campaign is calling my name.

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