Friday, August 29, 2014

The First Post

Hello to everyone who reads this! Welcome to my first ever blog. If you know me, you know that over the past 4 years (since the 2010 World Cup) I have become obsessed with soccer. While I did play the sport before I started becoming fully entrenched in it, I was an average player that knew the bench a little too well. It wasn't until a coach told me that those who know the sport best are actually those that didn't have stunning careers as players. They had more time to sit on the bench and really analyze the game. They were the ones who thought "why is my coach playing this formation" or "why is this player not starting over this player". After I gained these skills during the numerous hours warming the bench, I started to play a game called FIFA (I'll write a whole other post about that...) and then took the skills I learned from the game (such as a further understanding of formations) and applied them while watching leagues like EPL and MLS. I now think I have a good enough understanding of these that I am able to write about them to an audience.

The purpose of this blog is to ride the wave of soccer fever that still lingers after the 2014 World Cup, and to bring soccer concepts and ideas to an audience. While this blog is meant to be unbiased, it will mostly lean toward American soccer, both the domestic league and the national team, and a little bit of EPL. Thank you for reading!

Caleb Besaw

The last goal I ever scored in an organized game. 

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