Friday, August 29, 2014

The Basics

Before I start getting into full out blogging on my personal thoughts on soccer tactics and teams, let me give you some basics so that this blog is easier to navigate:

  1. MLS stands for Major League Soccer. It is the biggest league of soccer in America and is still growing with Orlando, New York City, and Atlanta all getting new teams starting within the next few years. 
  2. EPL stands for English Premiere League. It is one of the most renowned soccer leagues in the world because top class players play there. Manchester United, an EPL team, is very popular in the United States (and I have no clue why....)
  3. USMNT stands for United States Mens National Team. It is the best soccer team in the world. No arguments. 
  4. FPL stands for Fantasy Premiere League. It is an online website where you can create a team and gain points based on how well the players on your team do. Below is a picture for my FPL team for this weekend. 

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